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Pearl Harbor Tours

Pearl Harbor is Hawaii’s number one visitor destination with over 1.8 million visitors a year. At the focal point of Pearl Harbor is USS Arizona Memorial with the (“Mighty Mo”) Battleship Missouri, Bowfin Submarine & the Pacific Aviation Museum nearby. Each of our Pearl Harbor Tours listed below includes a fast-track ticket to view a 23-minute documentary film about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that brought the United States into World War 2, and then board a 145 passenger U.S. Navy-operated boat for a solemn visit to the Memorial. Choose a tour of Pearl Harbor from any of the 4 Hawaiian Islands that fits your schedule and interest. Our small group guided tours are 12 guests or less per guide.

Pearl Harbor Tours Available From All Hawaiian Islands

  • USS Missouri Battleship Guns Tower Rear

    Arizona Memorial and Missouri Battleship Tour From Maui, Kauai or Big Island

    Fly to Pearl Harbor for the day from Maui, Kauai or Big Island Of Hawaii. Experience the top sites at Pearl Harbor, Arizona & Missouri Memorials. See where World War 2 for the USA began & ended.
    • Most popular Pearl Harbor tour
    • Includes all admission charges
    • Include round trip airline tickets
    • Honolulu Airport curbside pick up
    BOOK NOW $399.99
  • Arizona Memorial & Battleship Missouri Sunset Aerial

    Arizona Memorial and USS Missouri Battleship Tour

    This is our most popular tour (so book early). Visit the Arizona Memorial and the USS Missouri Battleship, as they represent both the beginning and the end of World War II. See Honolulu City & other historic sites too!
    • Most popular Pearl Harbor tour
    • Includes all admission charges
    • Pick up from Waikiki Hotels
    • Guided Tour. Duration: 7 Hours
    BOOK NOW $97.99
  • Rabbit Island Overlook and Beach

    Oahu Circle Island Tour

    A complete 120-mile full island tour of Oahu with plenty of photo opportunities and stops at overlooks along the way. Our first stop on this Circle Island experience is Valor In The Pacific WW2 Monument.

    • Movie & USS Arizona Memorial
    • Exhibits, Museum and Documentary Film
    • 120 Mile Tour of Oahu Highlights
    • Guided Tour. Duration: 10 Hours
    BOOK NOW $114.99
  • Pearl Harbor Visitor Center Promenade and Circle of Rememberance

    Oahu Circle Island Tour From Maui, Kauai or Big Island

    Explore Oahu island on a day trip from Maui, Kauai or Big Island of Hawaii. The ultimate Oahu experience, the circle tour allows you to see the best of Oahu in a small group setting. Look out for plantations, film sites, and more!
    • USS Arizona Memorial, Visitors Center
    • Exhibits, Museum and Documentary Film
    • 120 Mile Tour of Oahu Highlights
    • Famous North Shore Beaches
    BOOK NOW $399.99
  • Sunset over Waikiki and Honolulu City aerial view

    USS Arizona Memorial and Historic Honolulu Tours

    A visit to the World War II Valor In The Pacific National Monument includes a movie and boat ride to the memorial.  See Historic Honolulu City; drive-by Iolani Palace, and through National Cemetery of the Pacific.
    • For our visitors with limited time
    • USS Arizona Memorial, Movie Tour
    • National Cemetery at Punchbowl Crater
    • Guided Tour. Duration: 6 Hours
    BOOK NOW $49.99
  • USS Missouri Guns Pointed over Arizona Memorial

    The Complete Experience

    A full-day tour that includes: the USS Arizona Memorial, USS Bowfin Submarine, USS Missouri and the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum. See relics and learn how the US entered into and ended World War 2 in the Pacific. Learn about Hawai’i and it’s place in World War II history.
    • All 4 Attractions at Pearl Harbor
    • USS Arizona Memorial & USS Missouri
    • USS Bowfin & Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum
    • Guide Tour. Duration: 10 Hours
    BOOK NOW $149.99
  • USS Missouri Deck visitors Guns and Arizona Memorial Pearl Harbor Oahu

    Passport To Pearl Harbor

    Self guided tour on your own at Pearl Harbor with tickets to USS Bowfin Submarine, USS Missouri and the Pacific Aviation Museum (Arizona Memorial tickets not included). Explore the museums at your own pace.
    • 4 Attractions at Pearl Harbor
    • Pearl Harbor Visitor Center & USS Missouri
    • USS Bowfin & Pacific Aviation Museum
    • Self Guided Tour - No Transportation
    BOOK NOW $71.99
  • Hawaiian Canoe Dancers at Polynesian Cultural Center

    Polynesian Cultural Center and Dole Plantation Tour

    This is an ideal way to experience "Old Hawaii" and learn the history of the entire island chain. You’ll see Pearl Harbor, the Dole Plantation, and the Polynesian Cultural Center.
    • Includes flights from Kauai
    • Honolulu Airport Pickup & Return
    • See 3 of Oahu's most popular attractions
    • Guided Tour. Duration: 10 Hours
    BOOK NOW $189.99
  • Cultural Performer wearing Orange

    Polynesian Cultural Center Tour From Maui, Kauai or Big Island

    See the top attractions on Oahu with a day trip starting on Kauai, Big Island or Maui. Fly to Honolulu for an incredible experience of the Historic Pacific Parks, the Polynesian Cultural Center, North Shore and the Dole Plantation. A truly memorable day.
    • Includes flights
    • Honolulu Airport Pickup & Return
    • See 3 of Oahu's most popular attractions
    • Guided Tour. Duration: 10 Hours
    BOOK NOW $479.99
  • Panorama of Diamond Head Crater

    USS Arizona Memorial Tickets and Oahu Helicopter Tour

    Take a 45-minute helicopter ride over Oahu to see all the beautiful sites you should visit. This tour includes inter-island flights and a rental car so you can explore on your own schedule.
    • Incl. Rental Car and Airline Tickets In Hawaii
    • Movie tour and USS Arizona Memorial
    • 45 Minute Helicopter Tour of Oahu
    • Pearl Harbor and Oahu Highlights
    BOOK NOW $639.99
  • Woman Taking Photo at Arizona Memorial Entrance

    Fly-Drive Package & USS Arizona Memorial Tickets

    Our Fly-Drive option is a do-it-yourself way to see Pearl Harbor. We meet you with your entry ticket, so lines & missed times are avoided. You will have about 6 hours to explore the island afterwards.

    • Round Trip Airfare Within Hawaii
    • Pearl Harbor and USS Arizona Memorial
    • Pearl Harbor Tickets Included
    • Rental Car Incl. Self Guided
    BOOK NOW $329.99
  • Private Pearl Harbor Tour Vehicles

    Oahu Private Tours by Jeep, Van, Mercedes Sprinter or Mini Coach

    A private 8-9 hour tour that is personalized for your party. Choose a Jeep (4 guests), Van (7 guests) or Mercedes Sprinter (14 guests). We can pick up from the airport, Waikiki hotels or AirBnB. Lots of great add-on stops available.

    • Pearl Harbor tickets and highlights
    • 8 hour tour Island of Oahu
    • HNL Pick up. Airline tickets not Included
    • Group of 4 Jeep, 7 Van, & 14 Mercedes Sprinter
    BOOK NOW $699.99

Group Pearl Harbor Tours

Save Big on Group Tours to Hawaii. Whether you’re a group of 4 or 400+, we can pick you up from your Hotel, Airport or Cruise Ship. We specialize in personalized group Pearl Harbor tours.

We can handle all your needs for schools, bands, corporate retreats, team building excursions and so much more. Call us to find out more.

Private Pearl Harbor Tours

We can pick up almost anywhere when you choose an Oahu private tour. Places we can pickup during private tours include: the airport, cruise port, vacation rentals, Ko Olina, Turtle Bay Resort or just about anywhere else on Oahu. We can accommodate any size group in our Jeeps, Vans, Mercedes Sprinters, Mini Coaches or Motor Coaches.

Tickets Information

Each year the Historic Pacific Parks in Honolulu attracts tourists from all over the world. The cost of Pearl Harbor tour tickets depends on which sites you want to see. The Visitor Center Museum hours, USS Arizona Memorial and Ford Island museum hours are from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm every day, excluding major holidays.

Due to the increasing confusion with the price, features and availability of park tickets use an Oahu private guide to handle your experience. Our tours are carefully scheduled to ensure that you get the most for your money, as opposed to simply being shown around. With each of our private tours comes an experienced and engaging guide who will give you considerable insight into tragic events that surrounded the Japanese attack.

Who We Are

We (the founders) have a serious passion for history and the tragic events of the Pacific Theater in WWII. When we visited the memorial to the Japanese attack for the first time we were left awestruck, and dumbfounded, by the extent of the events that happened on that tragic day. Feeling as if we were left with few avenues for creating some sort of closure to this atrocity, we decided to take action.

Visiting the World War II Valor In the Pacific National Monument allowed us to deeply connect with and relate to, those who defended and/or died attempting to ensure the safety of their comrades and country. It was then that we knew we needed to do something to inspire world peace, instead of world war.

We believe inspiring peace through education is the quickest way to achieve it. We realized that offering the most informative tours of Pearl Harbor and the surrounding areas was one of the best ways to spread awareness of this horrific attack. That single event, which occurred on our tiny island in the middle of the Pacific more than 75 years ago, that shocked the entire world and forever changed it’s destiny.

Each Pearl Harbor tour that we do helps raise awareness, compassion for those who died, and leaves visitors with a different perspective on today’s global conflicts and how one incident can change the destiny of the entire planet. We hope you will join us and be inspired to spread a message of peace, through the pictures you show and the stories you tell when you get back home to all who would look and listen.

Visitor Sites

No tour of Hawai’i is complete without a visit to the most iconic National Monument in the United States. Visitors will instantly recognize, due to the stark white structure over it, the remains of the sunken battleship Arizona. Various other sites are available to explore on nearby Ford Island. The USS Missouri, the USS Bowfin Submarine and the Pacific Aviation Museums are a few of those sites. Each tour can include other beautiful stops, outlooks found throughout the island of Oahu and views of Honoluluʻs historical sites.

If you have a specific interest in one of the following sites, check to make sure you book one of our tours going to that particular site (Polynesian Cultural Center, Dole Plantation or North Shore Oahu). Because the most popular destination for any tour on Oahu is unquestionably Pearl Harbor, we have many packages which visit this heritage site.


We’re absolutely dedicated to helping you discover local experiences with our list of tours and activities unique to Hawaii.


Book with confidence knowing we will match or beat the price of any identical tour on any of the Hawaiian Islands.


If your plans change, let us know 48 hours in advance of the scheduled activity and we can change a tour starting on Oahu (not incl. flights) at no charge to you.

PHT General FAQ

What Sites Will We See?

Many people simply want to see the USS Arizona as part of their tour. However, no Hawai’i tour is complete without visiting the museums and surrounding sites throughout Oahu. As a result, when you communicate with our Customer Service agents, we will discuss all of the potential sites that your tour group can visit. Since we offer many Hawai’i tours with experienced, local guides, each tour will be an experience to remember forever.

How Long Is A Typical Tour?

Each of our Oahu tours has a different timeline of events, depending on how much time you have to spend at the sites. Since we offer tours from Waikiki and all nearby major Hawaiian islands, the exact amount of time you’ll spend on tour will depend on your personal circumstances. Typically, tour groups will spend 4 – 6 hours going to various stops throughout a full tour day.

Do You Accommodate Large Groups?

Although tours are more personal with smaller groups, there isn’t a group too large for our team to accommodate. Whether you have 1 person or 100s of people, we will work with you to provide the best tour of our island home that is suited to your group’s interests, time frame and budget.

Can I Get a Refund if I Cancel My Tour?

Please check our refund and cancellation policy for details. We will provide a refund based on the timing and the tour you have booked.

Do you Offer Tours from the Nearby Hawaiian Islands?

Yes we do! Although we do most of our tours from here on Oahu, many visitors from other nearby Hawaiian islands are also looking to experience Pearl Harbor. Because getting around Hawai’i can be difficult on your own, we are glad to assist you with all your travel plans. See the options for tours from Maui, Kauai or Big Island Of Hawaii. Be sure to let us know which island you will be coming from when you book a tour so that we can take care of all of the arrangements for you and make your trip a more relaxing experience.

Can tours start from a vacation rental or the airport?

Yes, but only when you book our private tour option. The vehicle you will have depends on your tour group’s size. We currently offer a Jeep (max 4 guests), Van (7 guests), Mercedes Sprinters (14 guests) or Mini Coach (12 to 25 guests), however, we can accommodate any size group. Our vehicles also have room to take your luggage – in case you prefer to spend either your first, or last, day touring and then be dropped off either at the Airport for your flight out, or at your accommodations after touring.

Many of our customers have remarked that they feel the best way is to be picked up and taken on tour directly from the airport to get a great overview of the island on their very first day here in Hawai’i. Doing a tour immediately upon arrival helps you get the most out of your vacation time!

Is There A Best Day to Go to Pearl Harbor?

Monday – Thursday are typically the best days.

What Is Pearl Harbor’s Address?

1 Arizona Memorial Place

Honolulu, Hawaii 96818

Is There Much Walking?

Walking is somewhat minimal, but recommend wearing comfortable footwear.

Do You Provide A Ride to the Airport After My Tour?

Yes, absolutely!  Every tour from the outer islands ends up at the Honolulu Airport. If you need a ride to the airport after your trip, please indicate in the comments section when you purchase your tour online.

Is Pearl Harbor Open On Holidays?

Pearl Harbor closes for Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day.

Why Book with Us?

We offer an experience that you will both learn from and remember the rest of your life. When you visit the site of the Pearl Harbor attack, a site that shook the history of the world, a common feeling that you will get is a sense of awe and wonder. Instead of assuming that you will be able to understand and relate to all of the noteworthy sites or hoping that a person you meet will be a history major who can tour you around, we can instead guarnettee that you will have the best expereience possible on Oahu by taking one of our professional, local expert guides.

Each tour that we operate will take you to see the famous sunken memorial but no day tour is complete without experiencing a few of the other local sites. In addition to giving you insight regarding the other sites at Pearl Harbor, our expert guides also show you the popular Polynesian Cultural Center, the tasty Dole Plantation, Historic Honolulu with the King Kamehameha statue and numerous other sites along Oahu’s North Shore. We also offer day tours from the Hawaiian Islands of Maui, Hawaii (Big Island) & Kauai so you can have a complete Hawaiian vacation no matter where you stay.

Best Quotes

After the surprise Pearl Harbor attack by Japanese planes on the Pacific Fleet anchored at Oahu, the United States declared war on the Empire of Japan. There are many theories regarding what the U.S. government and President Roosevelt knew about the imminent attack on the Pacific Fleet by forces launched from Japanese aircraft carriers. What is known is that they did not prevent the destruction of the West Virginia, Oklahoma or the other vessels along battleship row.

Here are some of the most memorable quotes which were inspired by the events of on Dec. 7th, 1941 …

Yesterday, December 7, 1941 — a date which will live in infamy — the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.

- USA President Franklin Delano Roosevelt

I feel all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with terrible resolve.

- Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto

May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won’t.

- USA General George S. Patton

The success of our surprise attack on Pearl Harbor will prove to be the Waterloo of the war to follow. For this reason, the Imperial Navy is massing the cream of its strength in ships and planes to assure success.

- Japanese Admiral Chuichi Nagumo
Pearl Harbor Reviews

Each tour that we finish, we are blown away by the positive feedback of our guests. Here are some of the comments that previous guests have made after taking one of our tours.

I am so glad that I chose to do a Pearl Harbor tour. I learned so much! I highly recommend this company to everyone. THIS is how you run a tour guide business.

- Jessica (Denver, CO)

After spending hours searching for a great tour of Oahu, this was the company that I chose. They were happy to beat the price of another company who had a very similar tour package. Not to mention, our tour around Pearl Harbor was everything I imagined and more.

- Robert (Los Angeles, CA)

We normally choose not to do tours since it can be sometimes easier just to handle things on our own. With only having a day on the island and plenty on our bucket list to check off they made sure we saw everything we wanted and more! A great way to see the island.

- James (Miami, FL)